Free Prescription Coupon Card!!!!!!!!!

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Free Prescription Coupon Card!!!!!!!!! Print
this card and present this to any chain pharmacy (CVS,Walgreens,Walmart,
Kmart..ect), If you have trouble printing this card go to my website  and from there you can
obtain a printer friendly version of this card..

This card has no sign up and no fee and it is Hippa compliant. If you have any questions
about this card please call 1-800-286-9589

Additional benefits:

-This card will cover medications that are not covered by typical insurance..ex

Diabetes medications, STD Medications, Cancer Meds, Dermatology meds(skin) and Behavior meds.

-This card will assist Sienor Citizens who have expensive generics and will also discout meds once they go pas the do-nut hold. 

  Present this to your pharmacist and save up to 90% or

MEMBER ID:  Enter Patient’s Phone Number


RxBIN: 610568


IT’S FREE! Your Information is never disclosed to any third parties or used
for solicitation, unlike any other card.

Free Prescription Coupon Card!!!!!!!!!
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