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J.Hare & AlkaViva Owners at the Top of Your Upline as a Dealer with AlkaViva?

Posted Apr 06, 2019 | Hits: 266
State: Arkansas
City: Little Rock
Zip: 72209
             As a Dealer with AlkaViva, 
Do you know Who (MJDLLC - MJD of Nevada LLC) is?
  BUT.... Beware, there could be other Names!
      & BEWARE of AlkaViva's False Ads?

CEO, J.Hare & AlkaViva Co-Owners at the Top of Your Upline
                         as a Dealer with AlkaViva?
  The Owners have a different Company Name for Comp plans!
     (MJDLLC - MJD of Nevada LLC) Filed on April 13, 2007.
A Planned Strategy by J.Hare! Another Company Name in Comp Plan.
           & J. Hare has been the CEO since 2007
   J.Hare & AlkaViva Co-Owners at the Top of Your Upline 
                    as a Dealer with AlkaViva?
How Many Dealers should have rec'd More Money instead of Owners?
 Just Another way the Owners are in the Pockets of the Dealers!
                Since 2007, With J.Hare as CEO?
                  See attached pic's for Proof!

      J.Hare Writes about Honesty and Ethics on Website! 
But has Another Company Name (MJDLLC) at Top Own AlkaViva's Comp Plan!
     J.Hare & Co-Owners at the Top of My Upline didn't Help Me!
Still Received Bad Product, Bad Taste & Made US ill from the Adhesive!   
   Filter's had Adhesive Washed in Drinking Water from Gaskets.

 AlkaViva Advertises Filtration Expertise? ... BUT BEWARE !!!!
   AlkaViva has Made Bad & UnHealthy Mistakes with Filtration!
   Filter's had Adhesive Washed in Drinking Water from Gaskets
 Adhesive Mixing with Drinking Water,,,, Show's AlkaViva's Stupidity!!
  PLUS Received Bad Service & J.Hare's Lame Excuse on Warranty!        
CEO:J.Hare wrote .... "a subjective issue-not a product liability issue"
                       (& Consumer's gets Stuck!!)
     Notice J.Hare's Lame Excuse's Not to Honor Warranty!
                BEWARE of AlkaViva's False ads!

                    *Do Business with a Reputable Company!
Not One With Lame Excuse's for Their Mistakes & No Responsibility! 
        **Not with J.Hare & AlkaViva (aka) Yuck-a-Viva!!

                          AlkaViva (aka) Yuck-a-Viva!!
            Don't Expect INTEGRITY from CEO J.Hare &
        His Dirty little Company AlkaViva, (aka) Yuck-a-Viva!!


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