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Posted Oct 16, 2019 | Visits: 163
State: Maryland
City: Forestville
Ad Type: Offering
We know that the wealthiest 10 percent of the population keep their own legal teams on retainer. We know that the bottom 10 percent are provided access to the public defender system.

But what about the 80% of the population in the middle?

At a couple hundred dollars AN HOUR the burden of calling upon an attorney gets very heavy… very quickly… so many of us never ask for the help we know we need.

I never have to worry about this...

The goal of LegalShield is to make sure that the "other 80%" have a legal voice, and that "Equal Justice Under Law" is a reality for us too.

With over a million customers, we're giving families all across North America this great feeling of peace of mind and confidence.

What if YOU always had the freedom of saying, "I'm going to speak with MY lawyer about this," no matter how major or how minor the issue?

Ask yourself…

- have you ever been overcharged for a repair?
- ever signed a contract you didn't understand?
- ever had trouble with an insurance claim?
- have you ever been issued a moving or parking violation?
- ever gotten a speeding ticket?
- been audited by the IRS?
- ever bought a home?
- or prepared a will?

Visit       http://McLeanr827.wearelegalshield.com

Raymond McLean Jr

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