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Team AlkaViva, AlkaViva's Heath Claims, Read Disclaimer 4 Some Truth!

Posted Dec 13, 2020 | Visits: 10153
State: California
City: Sacramento
Zip: 95624
                  BEWARE of AlkaViva's False Ads?

             Beware Of AlkaViva's Health Claims: 
       Read AlkaViva’s Health Benefits Disclaimer:
       "4 Some Truth"!   ....  At End of Some Video's.
           Example: Why is Hydrogen Important? ....Video!

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this video / website are 
based upon the opinions of AlkaViva, unless Otherwise noted.
Individual articles are  based upon the opinions of AlkaViva,
who retains copyright as Marked.  The information on this 
website is not intended to replace a one-on-one  relationship
with a Qualified health care professional and is not intended
as Medical Advice.  
  1.  It is intended as a sharing of Knowledge  and information  from the research
  2.  and experience of AlkaViva and its community.
 AlkaViva Encourages you to make your own health care decisions
 based  upon your research and in partnership with a qualified 
 Health care  professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking
 medication, or have a Medical condition, consult your health 
 care professional before using  products based on this content.
------------------------------------------------------ -----------------
Notes: Beware of the word Experience, AlkaViva is Still only an 
Importer & Re-Seller! Beware of Research Article's Based 
on Ingredients ONLY as Part of Their Marketing Strategy 
& NOT Conducted on Companies Actual Units/Products.
Try & find AlkaViva’s Name or Products in their H2 Research
Article's! AlkaViva Named their Ionizers the H2-Series in
Beware of any Comparison's Done by Alkaviva & NOT an Independent
3rd party!    Honesty and Ethics, CEO J.Hare ONLY Writes about on 
Website's, So Don't expect it! Just Another J.Hare Fiction Story!
J.Hare & AlkaViva have a Costly Résumé for Consumer's & Dealers!!
DO your own Independent Research on J.Hare, AlkaVive & Ionways 
before it was renamed AlkaViva, Before you Buy any item! 

        *Do Business with a Reputable Company!
Not One With Lame Excuse's for Their Mistakes & No Responsibility!
     & Believe Me !! J.Hare & AlkaViva Make Mistakes!!!!  
    ***Not with J.Hare & AlkaViva (aka) Yuck-a-Viva!
            Just Bad & UnStaBle Management

                    AlkaViva (aka) Yuck-a-Viva!
              Don't Expect INTEGRITY from CEO J.Hare &
        His Dirty little Company AlkaViva, (aka) Yuck-a-Viva!!


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